The Magical Energy Type

Cogito Ergo Sum introduces a new energy type: magical. Magical energy is the dark energy that fuels all occult and mystical phenomenon- it is the power behind ancient spells and the workings of evil spirits alike.

Creatures can have Magic Resistance, Magic Immunity, and Magic Vulnerability just like any creature might have a similar ability in regards to other energy types.

The ability magic immunity (immunity to magical damage) is different from the ability typically called magic immunity (immunity to spell effects). For the same of disambiguation, the former ability magic immunity is now called spellcasting immunity.

Effects do not deal magical damage unless otherwise specified. This means that a creature with magic resistance only resists damage from a source that deals magical damage (like an Eldritch Power charged Kinetic Blast.) Even though, flavor-wise, they are derived from this energy, other effects deal the type of damage specified in their rules text, even if that damage type is not specified.

Magical energy, flavor-wise, is arcane and grim, but not necessarily evil- although many evil beings make use of it.

The Magical Energy Type

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