Revelation List

Revelations listed here are derived from the rules on powers presented in several sources. Some follow rules as proposed in the True20 Roleplaying game, others are taken or derived from variations on rules from Mamelon’s Blackthorn mods to the True20 system. Generally, it can be assumed a revelation functions like its base power, unless otherwise noted. Revelations that do not have a power equivalent are outlined in their rules text.

List of available revelations:

  • Pyrokinesis (INT)- Control flames and heat.
    • This functions like fire shaping, except that normal fires generated deal damage according to the rules for non-supernatural fire as presented in the d20 Modern core rules. Pyrokinesis counters Hydrokinesis.
  • Cryokinesis (INT)- Control cold.
    • This functions like cold shaping, except that cold effects fatigue according to fatigue rules presented in the d20 Modern core rules.
  • Aerokinesis (INT)- Control air and gases.
    • This functions like air shaping. Rules for controlling wind follow the rules for weather conditions in the d20 Modern core rules.
  • Terrakinesis (INT)- Control earth and stone.
    • This functions like earth shaping, except a player cannot perform the earthquake function of this ability without an appropriate talent.
  • Hydrokinesis (INT)- Control water and liquid.
    • This functions like water shaping. Hydrokinesis counters Pyrokinesis.
  • Florakinesis (INT)- Control plant life.
    • This functions like plant shaping.
  • Hemokinesis (INT)- Control blood and bodily fluids.
    • This functions like the alternate rules for blood shaping as presented in the Blackthorn power rules, except for the blood boiling use deals damage following the chart presented for the Kinetic Blast talent. This use is not considered a blast.
  • Electrokinesis (INT)- Control electricity and other energies.
    • This functions like energy shaping.
  • Psychometry (WIS)- Detect psychic signatures in material objects.
    • This functions like object reading.
  • Telepathy (CHA)- Communicate mentally.
    • This revelation uses the telepathy rules as presented in the Blackthorn power rules.
  • Mind Warp (CHA)- Alter mental processes.
    • This functions as mind shaping.
  • Healing Touch (WIS)- Heal wounds.
    • Healing Touch can recover an amount of HP to the touched subject equal to the amount determined by the user’s current rank. See the chart below for more details. When making a Healing Touch check, you do not fail if you do not make the DC. Whatever result you achieve, you restore that much HP, so long as result is available to you based on rank. A character with 7 ranks in Healing Touch can only restore up to 1d8+WIS damage with a touch, even if they roll high enough to achieve a higher healing result. However, they always restore at least WIS in damage, regardless of how poorly they roll. Healing Touch counters Blighting Touch.
  • Curing Touch (WIS)- Recover debilitating effects.
    • This functions as cure condition.
  • Ectokinesis (INT)- Control ectoplasm.
    • This functions as the water shaping power, only in regards to ectoplasm. Additionally, a DC 10 use of the revelation can emulate the Ectoplasm feat as presented in the D&D supplement, Ghostwalk. Ectokinesis counters Ghost Temper.
  • Ghost Temper (CHA)- Influence the spiritual world.
    • This functions like ghost touch as presented in the Blackthorn power rules. Ghost Temper counters Ectokinesis.
  • Prescience (WIS)- View the future.
    • This functions as the prescience power as presented in the Blackthorn power rules.
  • Body Control (WIS)- Control one’s own physical form.
    • This functions as the body control power presented in the Blackthorn power rules.
  • Photokinesis (INT)- Control light waves.
    • This functions as light shaping. Photokinesis counters Umbrakinesis.
  • Umbrakinesis (INT)- Control darkness and dark matter.
    • This functions as darkness shaping as presented in the Blackthorn power rules. Umbrakinesis counters Photokinesis.
  • Glamour (CHA)- Create illusion.
    • This revelation combines the rules for illusion shaping and the updated rules for glamour as presented in True20 Adept’s Handbook.
  • Hearkening (CHA)- Summon spiritual creatures.
    • Using this revelation, one can summon a number of creatures equal to half their ECL + their INT modifier. They cannot summon a creature that has a CR higher than their ERL. To summon them with this power, they must spend a full round action to do so. The creature is summoned on a successful check against a DC of 10 + the summoned creatures CR + the summoned creature’s CHA modifier. It remains summoned for 1 round per ERL, unless a specific talent or feat would alter this effect. Hearkening counters Banishing.
  • Curse (CHA)- Inflict mystical curses.
    • This functions like the hex power presented in the Blackthorn power rules. Curse counters Bless.
  • Siphon Life (INT)- Drain life energy.
    • This functions like the energy drain power as presented in the Blackthorn power rules, except it deals/recovers damage according to the chart presented below.
  • Blighting Touch (WIS)- Cause wounds with a touch.
    • This functions exactly like the Healing Touch revelation, only it deals damage rather than recovering damage. Blighting Touch counters Healing Touch.
  • Produce Venom (INT)- Generate toxic substances.
    • This functions like the poison power presented in the Blackthorn power rules, except for the following changes. The DC of a poison generated is determined in the same manner all other revelation DCs are determined, and the manner of the poison delivery is chosen at the time of use. Non-contact poisons must be delivered in an appropriate fashion. Poisons only retain toxicity for 1 hour per ERL.
  • Soul’s Eyes (WIS)- View things from a distance.
    • This functions as second sight and clairvoyance.
  • Ward (CHA)- Protect oneself from spiritual foes.
    • This functions as ward, as presented in the Blackthorn power rules.
  • Telekinesis (INT)- Manipulate objects with one’s mind.
    • This functions as telekinesis as presented in the Blackthorn power rules.
  • Psychic Shield (CHA)- Defend against mental assaults.
    • This functions as psychic shield, except for the following changes. Psychic Shield can be used to create a barrier against attacks from incorporeal creatures. The user makes a Psychic Shield check against a DC of 15. If they defeat it, they gain a +1 deflection bonus to AC, with an additional +1 for each 5 points by which they bypass the base DC.
  • Phonokinesis (INT)- Control sound waves.
    • This functions as sound shaping.
  • Ferrokinesis (INT)- Control metals and refined materials.
    • This functions as metal shaping.
  • Earthspeak (WIS)- Communicate with animals and plants.
    • This functions as beast speech.
  • Nature Sense (WIS)- Detect disturbances in the natural world
    • This functions as nature sense.
  • Protection (WIS)- Create protective barriers.
    • This functions as protection as presented in the Blackthorn power rules.
  • Bless (WIS)- Manipulate sacred energies.
    • This functions as the bless power, but can also be used to control divine energy as the energy shaping power, only limited to divine energies. Furthermore, this revelation can be used to remove Dark Will by making a check against a DC of 20 plus the current Dark Will value of the subject plus 5 for each previous attempt made to remove Dark Will within 24 hours. A successful check removes 1 point of Dark Will. Bless counters Curse.
  • Probability Hack (CHA)- Alter probability.
    • This functions like chance shaping as presented in the Blackthorn power rules.
  • Dispel (CHA)- Undo the effects of spiritual forces.
    • This functions as break spell in the Blackthorn power rules.
  • Heart Reading (CHA)- Detect emotions.
    • This functions as heart reading.
  • Enhance Ability (WIS)- Augment one’s natural abilities.
    • This functions as enhance ability.
  • Spiritual Senses (WIS)- Detect ghosts, magick, and other forces.
    • This revelation can be used to detect supernatural forces. This functions mechanically like the skill Notice, only in regards to supernatural phenomenon.
  • Eldritch Power (CHA)- Command magick.
    • This revelation can be used like dispel, spiritual senses, and energy shaping, only in regards to magical forces. It can also be used to command magical items and artifacts without making a Use Magic Device check. Eldritch Power can be used to qualify for the Kinetic Blast talent.
  • Spacefolding (INT)- Travel through space over short distances.
    • This revelation can be used to move short distances instantly. A character can teleport as a move action by making a check against a DC of 15 plus 1 for every 5 feet moved, plus 1 for each additional person teleported along with the user.
  • Astral Form (CHA)- Send one’s subconscious into the spiritual world.
    • This revelation can be used to astrally project. The user gains the ghost subtype and can move invisibly through the world by making an Astral Form check against a DC of 15 plus one for each time they have attempted to astrally project within 24 hours. They can remain in this state for 1 minute per ERL. If they are defeated in this form, they automatically return to their body and take nonlethal damage equal to the amount of damage received while projecting. Unlike other ghosts, a person who is projecting cannot become material under any circumstances.
  • Beast Call (CHA)- Command animals.
    • This functions as beast calling as presented in the Blackthorn power rules.
  • Banishing (CHA)- Remove the presence of a spiritual being.
    • This revelation can remove a spirit from your presence by making a check against a DC of 15 plus the spirit’s CR. A banished target cannot re-enter that space for a number of days equal to the user’s ERL. A character can attempt to achieve a “perfect” banishing by making a check against 15 plus twice the target’s CR. If they succeed, the target is banished to the location of the user’s choice, and cannot leave that place unless they can make a Dispel or Eldritch Power check that would defeat the user’s DC. Even if they escape, they cannot come within ERL x 10 miles of the user for a number of days equal to the user’s ERL. Banishing counters Hearkening.
  • Chronokinesis (INT)- Control the flow of time.
    • This functions as time shaping as presented in the Blackthorn power rules.
  • Channeling (CHA)- Invoke a higher being and allow it to manifest through you.
    • When you have ranks in Channeling, you gain a number of pacts equal to your ERL plus your INT modifier. Each pact is made with a pact-being which must have a set of statistics that includes the three mental abilities scores, a list of skills/revelations, a set of special qualities, and a pact level. The pact level is variable (and can never surpass your current character level), but it determines the ranks in skills/revelations available to the pact and the strength of any special qualities the pact has. When you choose to channel, you make a Channeling check against a DC of 15 plus the pact level plus the Charisma modifier of the pact-being. If you succeed, you establish a good pact. If you fail, you establish a bad pact. A good pact allows you to make use of the pact without any drawbacks, but a bad pact causes you to be controlled by the being through which the pact is formed. When you make a pact, you gain all the knowledge available to the pact-being, plus you gain the ability to perceive things as they would, using their various sense scores (Notice, applying scent or blindsense is applicable, Supernatural Senses, Nature Sense, etc). Furthermore, you use the highest rank of all skills they have available- meaning that if you have 16 ranks in Diplomacy, but no ranks in Bluff, and they have 14 ranks in Bluff, and 14 ranks in Diplomacy, you use your ranks in Diplomacy and their ranks in Bluff. Furthermore, while you are under the influence of the channeling pact, you are immune to mind-affecting abilities.

Kinetic Blast Damage
Ranks Damage
1 1d2
2 2d2
3 2d2
4 2d4
5 2d4
6 2d6
7 2d6
8 3d6
9 3d6
10 4d6
11 4d6
12 5d6
13 5d6
14 6d6
15 6d6
16 7d6
17 7d6
18 8d6
19 8d6
20 9d6
21 9d6
22 10d6
23 10d6
24 11d6
25 11d6
26 12d6

Healing Touch
Ranks Die DC
1-4 0+WIS 1
5-7 1d8+WIS 5
8-10 2d8+WIS 10
11-13 3d8+WIS 15
14-16 4d8+WIS 20
17-19 5d8+WIS 25
20-22 5d8+WISx1.5 30
23-25 5d8+WISx2 35
26+ 5d8+WISx3 40

Siphon Life
Ranks Damage Dealt Damage Recovered
1 1d4 1d2
2 1d4 1d2
3 1d6 1d3
4 1d6 1d3
5 1d8 1d4
6 1d8 1d4
7 1d10 1d4+1
8 1d10 1d4+1
9 1d12 1d6+1
10 1d12 1d6+1
11 1d12 1d6+1
12 2d6 Half damage dealt
13 2d6 Half damage dealt
14 2d8 Half damage dealt
15 2d8 Half damage dealt
16 2d10 Half damage dealt
17 2d10 Half damage dealt
18 2d12 Half damage dealt
19 2d12 Half damage dealt
20 4d6 Damage dealt
21 4d6 Damage dealt
22 4d8 Damage dealt
23 4d8 Damage dealt
24 4d10 Damage dealt
25 4d10 Damage dealt
26 4d12 Damage dealt

Revelation List

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