Life After Death

When a mortal being dies, his true self emerges from the cage of his mind and his mortal senses, and traverses through reality to a point of vital conjunction. This place, for all its significance, is a place of solitude, where the human soul must come face to face with the reality of their life- the reality that they have died, and they are entrusted with a choice of the highest gravity.

Move on, and ascend to Heaven, where all is absolved and all exists forever in tranquil service of God. While there is eternal peace there, there is also eternal servitude, and all eyes gaze skyward in reverence for the rest of days.

However, one can choose to refuse this eternity, instead pitting their luck against the forces of Hell. There, they and the other damned struggle eternally against all odds, damned by their mistakes but granted the chance at utmost power if they can only but muster the strength to master their own freedom.

Furthermore, a human can deny death once again, and cast aside both Heaven and Hell. They return to the earth, as a wandering spirit, forever removed from their past life but watching the world they left behind until such a time that it unravels. These ghosts have no certain eternity that they have not crafted, and their fate is a fragile one, perpetually in danger of being dashed on the rocks by all those around them.

It is this choice that stands before a man as he dies, and it is this knowledge that man is never permitted to ken in his days on Earth.

In death, most people choose to rise to Heaven, for it is a comfortable choice. There, they can meet with lost loved ones, and while they are but servants, the domain of the one they serve is perfect and beautiful beyond all reason.

However, ambition is still a powerful motivator for man, even after death, and as such, there are still plenty of those willing to risk their own agony in eternal damnation for the chance to rip the world from its frame and reform it in the image of true power. It is a hard and dangerous existence, but it is one where the true light of a soul can shine.

There are very few, relatively, that choose to return to Earth. Those that do are a sad lot, bound by regrets, attachments, obligations, or a loss of identity. They wander forever, trying to maintain the sense of purpose they once had- artists bound to an art they can no longer practice, lovers trying in vain to honor their promise to remain together despite the impenetrable barrier of death, the wrathful and wronged who in vain seek to exact vengeance upon those who removed them from what they knew. These souls have a tough path ahead of them, one littered with peril and folly. To make an eternity of the mortal world, well… some say it is the blind hope of the naive, but there are still those that think it could be possible…

Life After Death

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