COGITO is an organization of human ghosts and other beings devoted to the preservation of the realm of mankind in light of the spiritual conflicts that engulf it. They split their time evenly between defending the interests of mortal humans and the rights of disenfranchised spirits that are caught between Heaven and Hell.

COGITO as an organization has a strong worldly bent, and has a rich history. The name of the organization is derived from a response made by one of the original members to the archangel Butator, who had once made the statement that those without a purpose beyond the world of man had no impact on eternity, and as such could be treated as nonexistent for the purposes of determining God’s Will.

COGITO has a variety of goals and interests. One of their primary missions is to provide an environment in which neutral souls could cultivate their own eternities, a task made highly difficult by the warring of spiritual forces that leave the world wracked with Dark Will. However, in recent years, they have taken responsibility for a number of issues, including monitoring and policing the interference of ghosts and spirits in the mortal world.

Although it is frowned on by Heaven, COGITO has been known to initiate mortal branches, who are responsible for defending human interests and preventing immortal souls from tainting the all-too-brief experiences to which mankind is entitled. Mortal units, referred to collectively as the Estate, operate in secret all across the world, using a combination of supernatural ability, ill-gotten knowledge, and human sovereignty to regulate the activities of spirits that insist upon manifesting in the material world and to control the expanse of the truth of life and death as it slowly circulates. They are not directly ordered by COGITO, but are directed through clandestine communications. While the Estate is often trusted to act on its own judgments (thus minimizing the chance of corruption through exposure to spiritual truths), it does recognize the authority of its higher authorities within the organization, although it does not entirely understand the origins or goals of the group in all clarity.

The official symbol of COGITO is a ring surrounding a starburst pattern depicting the seeds of an apple radiating outward in a circular pattern. The ring is rimmed with the text “Cogito Ergo Sum” at the top, with the words “The Gift Shall Not Be Denied” at the bottom. The Estate uses this same emblem, although it is often seen without the text.


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