Tibor Gavrilov

World renowned concert violinist, deceased


During his life, Tibor was a world famous concert violinist on the fast track to international fame. Born the second child of Russian immigrants, Tibor made a way for his family through his music despite a nigh debilitating heart condition. However, in 2006, during a performance at Carnegie Hall, Tibor suffered a massive heart attack due to complications of his condition and died on the stage.

In his death, he dealt with a lot of rage and a feeling of purposelessness, and became embroiled in several epic adventures in which he helped several others stave off the mad machinations of the serial killer Marcy Wilder and the spirit of Aleister Crowley. He was also a participant in the resolution of the Detroit Suicide Pact events, and has also made his way into Hell to help free the soul of his companion and somewhat lover, Alicia Roman.

In recent years, Tibor has aligned himself with COGITO. He serves as the representative to Unit 17, and maintains supervision over the group with a certain filial concern masked by his gruff nature and unbending work ethic.

It is unknown what became of Tibor and Alicia’s relationship, and he will say very little on the matter. This sort of secretiveness is not uncommon for a representative of COGITO, but those with a bit of insight can tell that there is more to it than just your average information restrictions.

Tibor Gavrilov

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