Miranda Vasquez

The current leader of Unit 17


36 years old, daughter of a Pittsburgh steel worker and a Puerto Rican immigrant, Miranda moved to New York at the age of 21, and graduated at the top of her class at the NY State Police Academy. Over the next few years, Miranda was a rising star, moving up the ranks of the NYPD Homicide division. She had her entire life set out in front of her, and had a sense of purpose that consumed her.

In 2006, however, everything changed. While investigating the brutal serial murder of several homeless teenagers, Miranda came across a mysterious red-haired girl who seemed to know a good deal about the case. Miranda trailed her for days, unable to figure out the origins of the girl. Finally, she cornered her in a back alley on the lower east side, and confronted her. Miranda questioned the girl, and was about to cuff her when suddenly, the girl vanished, only to reappear behind her and stab her from behind.

Miranda died in the alley, but was resuscitated by emergency personnel a short time later. Before her revival, she experienced a strange encounter, involving a dark room and a grand elevator. When she returned to her life, she had a strange, unexplained knowledge about the spiritual realm, and it disturbed her. Slowly, she lost interest in everything around her- what was the point in saving lives, anyway, if everything she had seen had been true? Furthermore, she found it harder and harder to deal with the people in her life, so eventually she cut off all contacts to her friends and coworkers, and took an extended leave of absence.

During this time, she became involved with Unit 9 of the Estate, and eventually was offered a position as the new leader of Unit 17 in Manhattan, which had recently been wiped out by a terrible accident during an investigation. Miranda, given a new sense of purpose, agreed, and has been running Unit 17 ever since. For some time, she did this under the careful guidance of Unit 9, but since 2009 she has been able to run the division on her own. Although the group is small, the representatives of COGITO seem more than pleased with her performance.

Miranda is a no-nonsense, analytical type of woman, but she isn’t without her sensitivity. Contrary to the fact, she is a powerful and well-trained telepath, a power that emerged upon her near death experience, and she has not only the mindset required to run such a demanding agency, but also has the leadership skills to do it.

She enjoys the company of Grant particularly, and is rarely seen outside the penthouse. She very rarely accompanies other members out on social excursions, but has been known to enjoy a nice evening at the symphony with her coworkers.

Miranda Vasquez

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