Marcello Sciavelli

Owner of the jewelry store De Lammermoor Boutique, and illegal arms dealer


An unusual character who is passionate about two things: fine jewelry and deadly weaponry. He claims that humanity best illustrates the depth of its potential in how it decorates itself and how it kills itself. He sees no real difference between a 24 carat gold filigree chain with a princess cut 6 carat diamond drop pendant and a M2HB heavy machine gun, as both are to be treated as objects of sophistication and beauty.

Marcello typically can be found in his store, selling jewelry, but to an elite clientele he will also display an impressive selection of the newest and most controversial illegal and military grade weapons.

Marcello can be best described as a man of intense vanity completely removed from reality. He is undoubtedly dangerous, but can be a vital ally to those that manage to win his esteem.

Marcello Sciavelli

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