Lady Viper

Proprietor of Lifeforce, mistress of the occult, sworn of Belphegor


A powerful occultist and magician operating out of Chinatown, Manhattan. Lady Viper is a woman with a complex past. Her legal name is unknown, but it is commonly accepted that she was born as a boy in China before immigrating to the States. During her adolescence, she used her blossoming supernatural talent to facilitate a gender reassignment and shed her former identity entirely.

Her true name is unknown, and her allegiances are vague at best. However, she has had ample opportunity to take action against COGITO or the Estate in the past decade, and has either chosen not to or found little reward in doing so. Because of this, she has a shaky alliance with both the Estate and its parent organization. It is also heavily rumored that she has strong ties with the Hong Kong mafia.

It is rumored that the Lady has made a Goetic pact with Belphegor, due to the large crest tattoo on the small of her back and on each wrist. When questioned, the Lady typically shunts the inquiries with a demure but stern redirection, preferring that the source of her power remain a mystery. Currently, she owns the popular bar Lifeforce, which is built onto the site of an old edenic void. This poses a curious question for many people- why would a powerful sorceress open a bar in the one place she would be truly powerless?

Lady Viper

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