James Kingston

Ex SWAT hostile negotiator joined The Estate


Name: James Kingston
Age: 31
Height: 5'10
Weight: 90KG
Eye Color: Brown.
Ethnicity/Nationality: American.
Allegiances: NYPD, The Estate, Family and Friends
Background Occupation: Law Enforcement (SWAT)

Class Combination: Charismatic Hero 3 / Negotiator 3

HP: 43 (8+5+8+6+10+6)
LP: 5
Stamina Charges: 2
Dark Will: 0
DEF: Base Bonus +3dex Class bonus +3 Undercover Vest +3 – total of 19
Init: +3
Spd: 30
MASS: 14
Wealth: 15+1 for Law Enforcement.
Rep: 3

DEX: 16
CON: 14
INT: 14
WIS: 12
CHA: 20 (17+level point + crest)

Fort: Base 4+2con
Ref: Base 3+3dex
Will: Base 4+1wis

Skills: L1: 32points, L2-3 +18 pt L4-6 21 total of 81.

Bluff +14 (9+5)
Communication (O)+23 (9+5+1+4+4)
Knowledge: Streetwise +11 (9+2)
Knowledge: Current Events +11 (9+2)
Notice +10 (9+1)
Speak Language: (7) French, Italian, Israeli, Russian, Iraqi, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin).
Vehicular +11 (8+3) (O)
Profession: Law Enforcement +2 (1+1)


L1: Personal Firearms Proficiency (Bonus Feat from Occupation), , Awakening (Bonus Feat), Trustworthy, Precise Shot
L2: Point Blank Shot (Bonus Feat)
L3: Light Armor Proficiency
L6: Double Tap, Medium Armor Proficiency (Bonus Feat)

Class Features and Talents:

L1: Greater Awakening
L3: Secret Talent: Soul Mastery (Heart Reading)

Revelations: ERL 3 DC 15
Heart Reading (CHA) 9 Ranks +13 DC 16
Psychic Shield (CHA) 9 Ranks +13 DC 15

Possessions: Glock 17 +7 ranged – Carries concealed on a shoulder holster with two spare mags. Keeps 4 more mags and another Glock in the glovebox of his car, along with wrist ties and a set of metal handcuffs.
Usually wears Undercover Vest underneath his normal clothes at all times.
May instead wear a Concealable Vest or a Light Duty Vest if he thinks there may be shooting.
1981 Toyota Crown Royal (Engine reconditioned last year) Spare tyre and basic tool kit kept in a compartment in the boot, along with a first aid kit.
Willbender bearing the Crest of Harkness – +2Cha, +4Sense Motive
iPhone bought second-hand in 2011. (Old-fashioned, but it does the job)


James was raised in the Sacred Petal orphanage. Luckily, this orphanage was run and sponsored by John Silverman, an elderly philanthropist, so he had a stern but well-adjusted upbringing. Just after he turned 10, he was adopted by the Kingston family. Martha and Bruce Kingston were generous, loving parents, and James soon bonded with their 8-year-old son Brett.

For his first few years at school, James' mediocre marks and average physical performance had him skate by practically un-noticed. But once he got to high school, James began to notice that he had a way with words that was far more effective in resolving conflicts than his fists ever could be. He was made Head Boy at his high school, and garnered respect from both teachers and students alike.

When he was 18, James sat the test to become part of the police force. He progressed quickly through the ranks of the NYPD, and was soon recognised for his level-headed and trustworthy nature, and as a member of SWAT, has helped resolve many situations peacefully that otherwise could have lead to violence.

James has always treated people with respect, no matter what walk of life they come from. He dislikes bigots, racists, and anyone who judges people by their background or the way they look. A personal hobby of his is learning the languages of the people he meets, to better understand them.

He has developed a close working relationship and friendship with a private investigator named Keith Larkin, and they have helped each other out with cases on quite a few occasions.

18 months ago, however, Keith took on a case that would change his and James' lives forever. It started with the investigation of a missing heiress of a local land-owner. Upon further investigation, James and Keith discovered that the unrequited love of the family's late gardener for the heiress had trapped his spirit inside a sycamore tree, and was drawing evil spirits into it. With the aid of a former priest known only as Grey Pete, they attempted to perform an exorcism on the tree. But the gardener would not be defeated easily, and summoned twisted apparitions of those whose lives he had taken, in a last-ditch effort to live. Keith and James soon discovered that firearms were ineffective against these apparitions, and one of them was able to make contact with James for a brief second before Grey Pete finished his exorcism.

The touch of the apparition left no physical wound, but mentally the shock was more than he could handle. He went into a coma, which lasted over three months. Finally, his parents decided that since he had shown no brain activity ever since the incident, that it was time to pull the plug.

They had the OK from various medical specialists, and then they pulled the plug. But instead of the gentle repose from life that they were told would happen when James was disconnected from the machines, James spasmed, coughed, and awoke from his near-death state. For his family, who had prepared themselves mentally for his death, this was almost too much. They broke down and cried. The doctors called it a miracle.

They kept him in the hospital overnight. The next day, after they had convinced his family to take him home, he received a mysterious call on his cellphone from a person who knew exactly what had happened to him. A member of The Estate.

"It was not a miracle. You are still needed in this world."

Since then, he has quit the force, and begun to use the unique talents he has discovered within himself to assist Section 17 of The Estate with paranormal investigations.

James Kingston

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