Grant Adams

Unbreakable former second in command of Unit 30, Miranda's right hand man


Grant Adams, 32, seems an odd choice when it comes to choosing members for a secretive paranormal police force- he’s amiable, warmhearted, and emotional, and despite his size gives the impression that he wouldn’t hurt a fly. However, he bears a very unique gift. Born premature, Grant died momentarily only hours after being born, but was successfully revived on the table. However, because of this, he went through his childhood with the unexplained ability to see the spiritual world as clearly as he could see the material world.

This fostered a certain sensitivity within the boy. Although he learned to hide it in adolescence, he eventually accepted it and joined up with the Estate in his native Dallas at the age of 22. He became a seasoned member, honing his unique spiritual gifts to such a point that it is believed he is now virtually unable to be killed. Stab wounds, gunshots, falling off of buildings- nothing seems to hurt him for long. It was uncovered that Grant is one of the rare few “endies” that manages to temper the resilience of his own spirit into his own form in perfect balance, allowing him to shrug off mortal wounds with all the ease of swatting a fly.

When Miranda was given the task of reforming Unit 17, Grant was reassigned at the behest of the upper echelon of COGITO. Since then, he has been a solid support for Miranda, showing her the ropes of both her job and the spiritual world, while being careful not to overstep her authority and to let her develop her own sense of authority.

For a good year or so, Unit 17 was composed of only Miranda and Grant, which has caused the two of them to become very close. It is often suggested that they may have a sexual relationship, although no evidence of this has ever been made public.

Grant is generally friendly with all the members, much to the annoyance of some of them (particularly Amanda). He has a certain good-natured personality that helps break some of the tension that tends to build up in their line of work. He’s also an expert marksman and an avid football fan, having played for TSU in college.

Grant Adams

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