Amanda Cliffport

College freshman, mystical powerhouse, stuffed animal enthusiast


A troubled young girl, Amanda has had a lot of grim experiences for someone of her age. Ever since the onset of adolescence, Amanda had struggled with mental illness and chronic depression, withdrawing farther and farther from her friends and family and going through life with all the passion of a corpse. Every day was a hollow gesture signifying nothing, and at the age of 16, Amanda decided there was no use in continuing it all. So she killed herself… or at least she tried.

As she lay bleeding out on the floor of a McDonald’s bathroom late one night, she had a strange experience in which she was taken to a dark room with an opulent elevator. There, she learned something that rattled her to the core and filled her with a feeling of childlike fear that she hadn’t felt for some time.

She came to in a mental hospital three days later, but the memory stuck with her very clearly. Everything she had come to count on was wrong, and all the mystery and expectation had been ruined. The world was as awful as she had expected, and even death was no escape. The prospect terrified her.

Over time, Amanda did come to terms with it, through therapy and a proper medication regiment- although she never revealed what she saw in the moment she died to anyone. However, she did ultimately make a friend who could relate to her- a spirit named Sarah, who reached out to the child and helped her to accept what she had seen. She and Sarah became close friends, and when Amanda was eventually released, she was directed to Unit 17 by her ghostly friend.

At first, Miranda was wary of having such a young member, but when Amanda saved Miranda, Grant, and their COGITO representative from a particularly nasty breaker, she was welcomed with open arms. Since then, Amanda has served as a powerful ally. Despite her young age, her soul is a powerful one, and she possesses many powers, most of which easily outmatch even the most skilled occultist or magician.

It is unknown why Amanda was given such potential, but with a newfound hope for the world, she eagerly applies it to defending the innocence of others on behalf of the Estate. She has been working with Unit 17 for 3 years now, and despite a busy college schedule, she maintains a surprisingly professional work ethic around the penthouse.

She has a fondness for stuffed toys, and her room is always swarming with them. She isn’t the most friendly, despite her attempts to seem this way, and she has a morbid sense of humor that makes her particularly popular with your more well adjusted ghosts. She and Sarah are still close friends to this day, and the two of them often “hang out”, which often entails lurking around a shadowy goth dance club or creeping out the elderly on the subway.

Amanda Cliffport

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