Alicia Roman

Former sworn of Baal


A twenty-something single girl from Toronto with a deep interest in the occult. In May of 2006, she initiated a ritual to call back the souls of all her female ancestors with the hope of being given their wisdom, but she was deceived and tricked into performing the ritual incorrectly. While she had hoped for a better understanding, she ultimately offered herself up as a sacrifice to Baal on behalf of someone else- an innocent witch spilled her blood on behalf of the damned in order to grant that person the knowledge of God’s plan for the world.

Ultimately, Alicia wound up in the service of Baal, a minion of Hell, and became entangled in a series of events that pitted her against mad serial killers, ancient occultists, angels, and the Voice of God himself. Eventually, she and her companion and would-be lover confronted Baal with hopes of freeing her soul, but something happened.

Tibor and Alicia were separated by some circumstance, and Baal renounced his claim on her. What happened to the girl is unknown, but it is clear that whatever her fate was, it troubles Tibor to this day… and probably will for the rest of eternity.

Alicia Roman

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