Alexander Kurilenko


Age: 26
Height: 6'2”
Weight: 185lb
Eye Color: Pale blue
Ethnicity/Nationality: Russian
Allegiances: Svetlana Kurilenko, the Estate
Background: Former acrobat in a travelling family, left them behind to pursue the truth of spirits following a near-death experience
Occupation: Athlete (bonus feat Brawl, class skills Drive, Jump, Tumble, +1 Wealth)

Class Combination:
Fast Hero 4 / Infiltrator 2

HP: 36
LP: 5
Stamina Charges: 4
Dark Will: 0
DEF: +8
Init: +8
Spd: 30ft
MASS: 14
Wealth: +15
Rep: +2

STR: 14 (+2)
DEX: 19 (+4)
CON: 14 (+2)
INT: 10 (+0)
WIS: 16 (+3)
CHA: 12 (+1)

Fort: 1 + 2 = 3
Ref: 5 + 4 = 9
Will: 1 + 3 = 4


Stealth:+13 (9 ranks, 4 DEX)
Acrobatics: +16 (9 ranks, 4 DEX, +2 Focused, +1 Athlete)
Escape Artist: +10 (6 ranks, 4 DEX)
Notice: +5 (2 ranks, 3 WIS)
Concentration: +6 (2 ranks, 2 CON, +2 Focused)
Athletics: +7 (4 ranks, 2 STR, +1 Athlete)
Read/Write Language: 1 (Russian)
Speak Language: 1 (Russian)
Gamble: +7 (4 from Crest of Parasiel, 3 WIS)


Glock 20 1mm autoloader: +5 ranged; 2d6 damage; crit 20; range 40ft – has an illuminator fitted
1 extra case of Glock ammo
Knife: +6 melee / +8 ranged; 1d4 damage (piercing); crit 19-20; range melee/10ft (he carries two, presents from his parents when he came of age at 15, but only fights with one)

Feats: Awakening (Supernatural Senses), Simple Weapons Proficiency, Brawl, Defensive Martial Arts, Focused, Dodge, Improved Initiative

Class Features and Talents: Evasion (successful Reflex save means no damage instead of half), Sweep (+4 circumstance to Spot, DC10 check for non-hidden, DC=Hide for hidden), Auto-Detection (automatically detect line-of-sight spirits with DC < 10 + Supernatural Senses), Increased Range (double normal vision ranges, gain low-light vision)

ERL 2, DC 14

Supernatural Senses (WIS): This revelation can be used to detect supernatural forces. This functions mechanically like the skill Notice, only in regards to supernatural phenomena.


Willbender bearing the Crest of Parasiel (+2 to DEX, +4 to Gamble)
GPRS phone. Nothing too fancy, but allows him to at least browse the web on it
Small multipurpose tool – not big enough to fight with, but handy to have around
Miniature pair of range-finding binoculars
Small roll of duct tape

A small 1-bedroom flat in Williamsburg, fairly sparsely furnished. A battered-looking TV, a small desktop computer, a couple of fairly plain armchairs, and a couple of bookshelves filled with either Russian literature or books on the paranormal make up the majority of the main room.
Suzuki Hayabusa bike


Alexander Kurilenko was born into a Russian family of travelling performers who had been settled in the United States for three generations. Each member of the family was trained from as soon as they could walk to fit into a role within the troupe, depending on what that child seemed most suited to. Even as a toddler, Alex could always be found climbing on things and throwing his body around with carefree abandon for his surroundings, marking him out as a potential trapeze artist from the very beginning.

Despite the apparent unity and relaxed nature of the extended Kurilenko clan to those who came and gaped at their performances, especially those of Alex and his older sister Svetlana as a trapeze tandem, the family were not particularly close – news which should have been surprising to nobody with experience of spending long periods of time with family members. The urge to break away from the family was felt most strongly by Alex and Svetlana, who as the athletic performers of the troupe had the physique and mystique to draw admiring attention of a more amorous nature than the other, more homely members. Their enjoyment of casual liaisons was frowned upon by elders, but the pair took no notice, preferring to squeeze what enjoyment they could out of their cocooned existence. The two soon drifted away from their family, spending more and more time only with each other or their latest conquests.

Eventually, Alex and Svetlana grew tired of having to live within the confines of the circus, and planned to leave – but with a performance to immortalise themselves. They began practising several extremely risky but undeniably impressive performances. One day, practising by themselves, Alex attempted an inverted somersault onto the trapeze, but misjudged it slightly, brushing it with his fingertips but no more. As a horrified Svetlana watched, Alex plummeted face-first towards the floor. In almost cinematic style, Alex swears to this day that time slowed down around him, and that as he fell the world turned grey around him, shadowy figures in the background seeming to reach out insubstantial hands as if to slow his fall. He crashed to the floor with a thunderous impact, cracking most of his ribs and stopping his heart. His sister rushed to his side and after several minutes, managed to bring her brother back to life, though still severely injured, and quickly drove him to the small hospital in the nearest town.

While laid up and recovering from his injuries, Alex tried to explain to his sister what he had seen as he fell, but she flat-out refused to listen to a word he had to say, insisting over and over that it was his fear playing tricks on him. Thoroughly disillusioned that the one person he thought he could trust would not believe him, Alex slipped out one night and jumped the first train leaving town, knowing there had to be somebody out there who would believe in what he said.

Alexander Kurilenko

Rise: Cogito Tanthalas