Adam Fontaine

A private investigator turned member of Unit 17


Name: Adam Fontaine Age: 43 Height: 6’ Weight: 200 lbs. Eye Color: Hazel Ethnicity/Nationality: Caucasian/European Allegiances: The Estate Background: Born and raised in New York City

Class Combination: Dedicated 3/Investigator 3

HP: 33/33 LP: 4 Stamina Charges: 4 Dark Will: 0 DEF: 17 (10+2 Dex+2 Dedicated+2 Investigator+1 Jacket) Init: +2 Spd: 30’ MASS: 12 Wealth: Former occupation: Investigative; +17 Rep: +2

STR: 13 (+1) DEX: 14 (+2) CON: 12 (+1) INT: 14 (+2) WIS: 16 (+3) CHA: 16 (+3) (15 base +1 level)

Fort: +4 (base 3 +1 Con) Ref: +5 (base 3 +2 Dex) Will: +7 (base 4 +3 Wis)

Skills: Vehicular (Dex) +13 (9 ranks+2 Dex+2 Vehicle Expert) Communications (Cha) +17 (9 ranks+3 Cha+2 Trustworthy+3 Emphasis) Investigate (Int) +13 (9 ranks+2 Int+2 Attentive) Sense Motive (Wis) +14 (9 ranks+3 Wis+2 Attentive) Soul’s Eyes (Wis) +12 (9 ranks+3 Wis) Knowledge (streetwise) (Int) +11 (9 ranks+2 Int) Notice (Wis) +12 (9 ranks+3 Wis+7 if checking vs surprise)

Feats: Personal Firearms Proficiency (1st bonus) Skilled in the use of personal firearms. Vehicle Expert (1st) +2 to Vehicular. Attentive (2nd bonus) +2 to Investigate and Sense Motive. Trustworthy (2nd) +2 to Communications. Force Stop (3rd) Force a vehicle to stop during a sideswipe maneuver. Point Blank Shot (6th bonus) +1 to hit with ranged weapon when within 30’ Vehicle Dodge (6th) +1 to defense against opposed vehicles.

Class Features and Talents: Class:

  • 2 Talents, 1 Bonus Feat (Dedicated Hero) Skill Emphasis, Aware, Attentive
  • Profile Can make a DC 15 Gather Info check on witnesses to build a mental image of a criminal; Investigate DC 15 check to expand profile.
  • Contact, low-level
  • Bonus Feat (Investigator) Point Blank Shot


  • Skill Emphasis: Communications +3 to Communications
  • Aware Add Will save to Notice checks to avoid surprise

Revelations: ERL: 2 DC: 14 Soul’s Eyes (Wis) You can sense distant events as if you were physically present. Make a Soul’s Eyes check to sense a particular place, creature, or one thing known to you. The base difficult is 10, modified by familiarity. If successful, you observe the subject as if you were present. The vision lasts as long as you maintain it, but your ordinary senses are overridden, so you are unawae of what is happening near you while you are observing events elsewhere. A subject observed with Soul’s Eyes is considered present in terms of familiarity, but not in your actual line of sight. Soul’s Eyes creates a spiritual disturbance, which creatures with Intelligence of 10 or more can sense. Any such creature under observation can make a Sense Motive or Spiritual Senses check, opposed to your Soul’s Eyes check. Creatures with no supernatural abilities get the intense feeling of being watched. Revelators see a glowing or shadowy image of you on a successful perception check. You also have a present familiarity with any creature that senses you for the purpose of that creature’s powers, meaning they may affect you in return. Soul’s Eyes is a full round action that consumes a charge or causes energy loss.

Possessions: Beretta 92FS with illuminator attachment Always at least three clips of 15 bullets each Cell phone that can only be described as ‘painstakingly old’ Old, but not smelly, leather coat Pocket flashlight, handcuffs Souped-up 1974 Dodge Monaco, last used by the police.

In trunk of car—Cellular interceptor, binoculars, night vision goggles, telephone tap, Deluxe Evidence Kit, First Aid Kit, Estate radio, CB radio


Adam Fontaine never really got a break in his life. In high school, he was on the football team, but never the quarterback. In college, he was fourth in his class. Even when he signed up for the police academy, he was always a second banana. Working in the force for five years, he was constantly trying to prove himself. But a growing drinking habit wore on his chances, and when he tried to finally earn a spot on Homicide, he was denied.

Quitting the force to work as a private investigator, a thirtysomething Adam tried to make a name for himself, modeling his life after the noir gumshoes he idolized in old pulp novels. Trying to remain optimistic, he hoped for his big break; uncovering a drug ring, rescuing a kidnapped victim, even solving a murder in a bloody gunfight.

He never got his chance.

Ten years later, Adam was disillusioned and tired. Years of working for worried wives and bookies looking for their debtors, stolen merchandise and low-profile thugs took its toll. Adam never really had many friends, and those old buddies from the police force he knew were dwindling. They were either moving up and away in the world, or dead.

In 2009, Adam finally had enough. Driving to an abandoned steel mill in Manhattan, he decided to hang himself. There he would be, alone and forgotten, not even making a mark in the news until much later, when he was a footnote in the obituaries. Just like him, he figured. Going to the mill, rope in hand, he discovered a group of dark-robed individuals. They were practicing some sort of ritual, speaking in tongues. Adam’s police instincts and curiosity overtook him, and he stuck his nose in too deep. Discovered, he was stunned before he could fire his gun. He could only watch in horror as the faceless cultists beat the tar out of him with metal pipes for interrupting.

Adam was fortunate, though. A police unit had been called over after hearing a disturbance. Discovering his car and entry, they investigated. Not finding the cultists, they instead discovered him. He was near death, and rushed to the ER. It was there that he faded into death for 10 minutes, before being saved. At this time, he had a vision—a grandiose elevator and a pitch-dark room. There he discovered his personal truth, which helped him come back.

Recovering in the hospital, a guest came to the door. It was Miranda Vasquez, an old rival from his police days. She and Adam had a long talk, and she eventually convinced him to work with her and others for Unit 17 in the Estate. Having nothing to lose, he agreed.

Adam’s personality is grim, but not closed off. He only appears unapproachable, but once you’ve earned his trust, he is nothing but a friend. He prefers to keep to himself, though sometimes enjoying time with his fellow members of Unit 17. He’s tried to rekindle that hope to recapture the feeling of the old pulp noir detective. Maybe he will get that break after all.

Adam Fontaine

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