Name: Eugenia Takashi (Goes by "Flash" online, offline to rare friends as Nia)
Age: 23
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Ethnicity/Nationality: Half Asian (Taiwanese), half African American, born in Los Angeles.
Allegiances: The Estate, TheTruth.net
Occupation: Technician.

Class Combination: Smart Hero 4/Field Scientist 2

HP: 36 (Scary. Very scary.)
LP: 4 (Even scarier.)
Dark Will: 0.
Stamina Charges: 7
DEF: 10+1 Smart hero, +1 Field Scientist, +3 Dex, +4 Int= 19
Init: +7
Spd: 30ft.
Wealth: +3 from occupation
Rep: +2 Smart Hero
BAB: +3
Action Points: 19.

STR: 12 (+1)
DEX: 17 (+3)
CON: 12 (+1)
INT: 18 (+4)
WIS: 16 (+3)
CHA: 10 (+0)

Fort: 3+2=5
Ref: 3+3=6
Will: 2+3=5

Skills: 48 at level 1, 36 at levels 2-4; 20 for Field Scientist lv 5-6

Computer Use (Int) 9+4+4+2+1=20
Craft (electronic) (Int) 7+4+2+1+4=18
Craft (mechanical) (Int)7+4+2+1+4=18
Decipher Script (Int) 5+4=9

Demolitions (Int) 2+4=6
Disable Device (Int) 7+4=11
Drive (Dex) 2+3=5
Forgery (Int) 1+4=5
Investigate (Int) 1+4=5
(behavioral sciences) 1+3=5
(current events) 1+4=5
(earth and life sciences) 2+4+1=7
(history) 2+4=6
(physical sciences) 6+4+1=11
(popular culture) 2+4=6
(technology) 9+4+1=14
Navigate (Int)
Pilot (Dex)
Profession (Programmer) (Wis) 6+3=9
Read/Write Language: 4
Repair (Int) 9+4+2+1=16
Research (Int) 6+4+1=11
Search (Int) 3+4=7
Speak Language (none)
Telekinesis (Int) 6+4=10
Protection (Wis) 6+3=9

Glock 20 10mm autoloader; +7 ranged; 2d6 damage, crit 20; range 40ft.
One spare box of ammunition, just…in..case.
Metal Baton, aka "Flash's Beatstick"; +4 melee; 1d6+1, crit 19-20, B

Feats: Simple Weapon Proficiency (class); Awakening (bonus); Personal Firearms Proficiency (1st); Dodge (1st); Gearhead (2nd); Agile Riposte (3rd) Greater Awakening (Protection) in place of 3rd level Talent; Improved Initiative (3rd, normal progression) Builder (+2 bonus on Craft (electronics) and Craft (mechanical) checks (4th)

Languages Known: English (well, the bastardized form in America, anyway), Japanese, German, Taiwanese, Mandarin
Class Features and Talents:
Smart Defense- adds Int modifier to defense in addition to Dex; if denied Dex to defense, I lose this bonus as well.
Scientific Improvisation: Spend an action point and make a Craft check to do verrry interesting things. I call this "Being MacGyver". The item, if successfully made, lasts for a number of rounds equal to my class level or until the end of the enounter. After that, it falls apart and can't be repaired.
Talent: Savant (Computer Use)
Revelations: Telekinesis (Int); Protection (Wis)

The best iPhone on the market, probably modified beyond what its manufacturer ever intended. Has downloads of the latest in rock music, though whether or not those are legally obtained is unknown.
Field Contractor's Bag; holding a notebook computer complete with anything OTHER than Bill Gates' newest OS (Linux 2013, anyone?) Hoping for the upgraded processor and a cellular modem; also could use some kind of recharger with a spare pack available when needed.
Electrical repair kit; well-stocked.
Multipurpose tool- when you need something random, the Swiss Army Knife is the way to go.

Possessions not on person, but she drives it: Antique 1968 Volkswagen Van, in decent condition, custom-painted with scenes from Final Fanstasy XX, vanity plate New York State 'GTFO'. Also, a load of computer parts, supplies and stuff crammed into an apartment barely big enough for a Moogle.


Backstory: Flash never was one to follow what others wanted her to do; not even as a child. Her racial background being unusual, to say the least, set her apart, as did her quick mind and even quicker tongue.

Born to an American mother and an immigrant who made a small fortune in the dotcom rush back in the 90s, Eugenia's early years were idyllic. Then the recession hit; most newer companies shut down, and her father found himself in more problems than he could get out of. He asked for a loan from the wrong people. When he couldn't pay, Eugenia was quietly taken from her private school and held. One of the men, known only to her as Joshua, had a liking for that which normal men should not think of. After he used the girl, she broke free, running for the plate-glass window…

Eugenia was in a coma for six months. The paramedics say she was literally dead when they got there, all signs of her kidnappers gone. They only discovered who she was when her mother, tearful and praying, appeared on TV for the return of her only child. Putting two and two together, they found her in the hospital.

Euegnia wasn't the same girl afterward. They tried therapists, and it seemed she'd rather work with nonliving machines than with living men. Especially men. The father she once adored was now shunned. Eugenia herself prefers the company of no one but the artificial intelligences she works on in her spare time.

Her intelligence was in no way affected by the accident; it's as if someone completely different returned when she fell four stories to the ground.


Rise: Cogito AoK