Ghosts in the World

Although most would never honestly guess as such, ghosts play a huge factor in the living world. They are as ever present as the air, and have as many various personalities and motivations as one would expect of humans.

Most ghosts on Earth have chosen to return there for some reason or another, in a conscious effort to refuse the fate of Heaven or Hell and forge their own way across eternity. This is often perceived as a noble but doomed aspiration, and as such many ghosts on Earth are acknowledged as foolish by higher powers.

Some ghosts on Earth have never made a choice, however. The lost, in particular, haunt places close to them in life, in complete ignorance of their death. Others are bound there by some sort of obligation or magick.

Others still have chosen Heaven or Hell and have come back to the land of their origins in order to accomplish some task.

While on Earth, most ghosts keep a low profile. Some manifest occasionally, even interacting with the living, but they are usually careful not to be draw much suspicion. They rarely interact with loved ones (who would certainly have questions), and are discouraged by the consequences of Dark Will not to interfere or become too attached to the affairs of man. Instead, many indirectly further goals that are completely self contained- some monitor favored places and protect them from the forces of Heaven and Hell. Others watch over and indirectly guide a family line, and some find their gift of time a perfect means to master an old craft. Some develop an interest in the occult, and some end up operating under various political figureheads such as COGITO or the Battori Society.

While on Earth, it is generally acknowledged that Heaven, being on the side of the Will, is the ultimate authority, but it is a position that is constantly contested by Hell and COGITO. Some ghosts are all too eager to play into the political feudings, while others want nothing to do with it.

All in all, very few ghosts actually come back to Earth, compared to the numbers that actually reach the Elevator. Despite the fact that there are millions upon millions of ghosts on Earth, only 1 in 10 ghosts that pass on return. Most opt to rise to Heaven to be in peace or to be with loved ones, and a few bitter souls descend to Hell for the opportunity to gain a bigger portion and possibly bust a few heads in the process. A small handful never rise to the Elevator due to psychic trauma caused by death, and become lost.

Ghosts, being dead, have no fear of mortality. If they take enough nonlethal damage to overcome their HP score, they dissipate. However, they typically reform within 1d4 days in the same spot they were defeated in. Typically, the only way to defeat a ghost permanently is to exorcise it or find some way to bind it. Binding a ghost is tricky, because there are many loopholes in spiritual law that allow ghosts to gain access to various locations at any time. Usually, defeating a ghost involves banishing them to Heaven or Hell, specifically. Once in either of these places, they cannot leave without being granted access by a higher power. Even a ghost that has chosen Earth can be banished in this way with the right method, making this a particularly cruel fate for those who sought to avoid an eternity in such places. Typically, though, the only ghosts that are banished are breakers with significant levels of Dark Will, who would otherwise be drawn into Hell of their own accord before long.

Ghosts in the World

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