Rise: Cogito

Case 1: Acrimony- Flash and _messiah
Flash investigates the Guardian Angel game

BGM: Theme of _messiah

Eugenia felt a wave of relief wash over her as her mind disconnected momentarily from the world, and her laptop connected her to her true home. The spinning wheel at the corner of the browser was almost like a pulse, signifying life.

Her fingers moved, almost reflexively, dancing and filling her ears with the subtle, comforting noise of a keyboard in use. She perused the usual sources first, looking for anything that could enlighten her about the most recent murders in Central Park.

As she searched, an instant message popped up. A familiar image adorned the tiny window- the Virgin Mary, eyes blackened with tears of blood. Eugenia smiled.

_messiah: (07/14/13, 10:43am) morning flash. up to anything interesting today?
flash: (7/14/13, 10:43am): Not a lot, no, trying to find out some stuff, seems tied to a HS, maybe a game? idk still working, not enough coffee this morning lol
_messiah: (07/14/13, 10:43am) Oh, are we talking about Guardian Angel, then?
flash: (07/14/13, 10:44am) Yea, but that’s a new one on me, guess I’ve been…busy, besides, I don’t go in for computer crack
_messiah: (07/14/13, 10:44am) All those Fatima kids are going nuts over Guardian Angel. I’ve been following it pretty closely- their school records have at least 4 kids suspended for being involved in it, supposedly. The guys at Truth are really grinding the rumor mill over it.
flash: (07/14/13, 10:44am) guess I should have a look, eh? ty :) you’re the best. guess I better look at records too, hm might be slow getting back, stuff y’know.
_messiah: (07/14/13, 10:44am) Oh, you never make any time for me anymore. Whatever job you have is just ruining our relationship.

She didn’t respond, instead pouring over her information she had acquired… all 9 victims were students at the Our Lady of Fatima Academy in Washington Heights. All 9? Certainly that had to have elicited some suspicions. Maybe Adam would be able to ply some information out of his old police contacts? She continued reading, and decided to check out the school for herself.

The school’s security system collapsed like a wet box for her- not that she expected much else. These types of networks were only well guarded enough to be a step ahead of the student body at large. Files sprang open for her like flowers, offering up their nectar of data for the young woman. Student files, class schedules, discipline records- she took it all in, drinking it all in as deeply as she could. As she downloaded the information, she took a moment to oblige her companion.

flash: (7/14/13, 10:47am) sorry man, but if I told you, I’d have to kill you but you know we’re still cool, even if I can’t help being what I am.
_messiah: (07/14/13, 10:47am) you wouldn’t kill me, would you? :(

Eugenia paused for a moment, and caught something. Although none of the victims seemed to be suspicious, they all had a class in common with a girl who seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. April Adley. She had been recently suspended for the second time within a two month period. Her first suspension involved an incident with the first victim, Derek Tennison. Although the records went into no great detail, it was enough to warrant some concern- especially considering April’s otherwise pristine record up until that point.

flash: (7/14/13, 10:48am) No, of course not. You’re too nice.
_messiah: (07/14/13, 10:49am) I know I am. You couldn’t have a better friend, Flash.
flash: (7/14/13, 10:49am) :D I’m glad. BRB, k? checking stuffs…again…

Eugenia logged out of the school network, and started looking into the Guardian Angel game in greater detail. She herself had not heard of it, which wasn’t surprising. She was hardly one to keep up with the latest trends, unless those trends involved the words XBOX Live or i-anything.

Her searches turned up a slew of out of context comments, and the perfunctory epileptic tree-style message board posts. Not to be deterred, she turns to some sites with established occult reputations, to see their take.

She clicked the link to the blog, Cryptid Petstore, and quickly searched the archives for anything regarding the game.

The Angel Statue at the fountain in Central Park, now the central figure in a trendy new urban legend. Photo courtesy of mindseye52 of the centralpark.com community.

Posted by Mistress Miseria, 11:29am 7/09/13

The latest urban legend to rise in the Big Apple (and subsequently, the online supernatural community) is the Guardian Angel Game. Following the trends set by the Jokaa cell phone games in Tokyo, the Guardian Angel game is yet another update on the classic Bloody Mary, no doubt derived from the leftovers of classic horror stories and copious amount of wishful thinking on the part of bored teenagers.

To play Guardian Angel, you need to live in Manhattan, really, although there have been accounts of this game being played in some variations in other parts of the world. The premise is that by taking a picture of someone under the angel statue at the fountain at 59th Street entrance to Central Park on your cell phone, you can then kill the person by forwarding the image to the number equivalent to the time at which the photo was taken; for example, if you were to take a picture of someone at 10:30am, you would text the picture to 1030, but if you took a picture at 3:15pm, you would text it to 1515. It is believed that if you have a desire to see that person dead, when you send the image it will send a confirmation message back that tells you the time the person will die.

Naturally, the entire game is a glorified game of chicken, but it has become problematic in several Manhattan high schools lately, due to students using the game as a means of harassing and threatening one another. Several whisperings by your standard groves of epileptic trees have speculated that the game is a secret cover for a clandestine CIA assassination training exercise, but ultimately I think we can file that theory away with the notion of chain letter miracles and chalk this new fad up to yet another case of kids and their creative cyber-bullying.

Flash shook her head. “I think I may need some help on this one.”

As she saved her findings and logged off, a message popped on the screen again, long after she had left.

_messiah: (7/14/13, 11:01am) Try not to die again… my dear Flash…
7/14/13, 11:02am: _messiah has signed off.

At that moment, the window closed, seemingly of its own accord…


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