Rise: Cogito

The third take on my own setting

The third tale in the Rise cosmology

Back in early 2006, I started working on my own RPG system, called Rise, complete with its own complicated setting. In the world of Rise, players took the roles of the recently dead, finding themselves standing before the black angels of judgment, who propose unto them a difficult choice- ascend to Heaven and exist in peaceful service, descend unto Hell and be the master of one’s own fate while in eternal struggle against the pull of corruption, or wander the earth as a lost soul, with no future or present, trying in vain to establish a meaningful purpose in a world that is itself doomed to die.

The game went through various stages of testing, and there was one test campaign of mixed results. While the campaign itself was ended abruptly due to outside issues, and the development of the game was shelved due to a lack of testing support, I have still held onto the world and concept of Rise.

Summer 2007, we attempted to reinvent Rise in the form of Rise: Der Tod und Das M├Ądchen, an alternate reality Rise game taking place in a high fantasy version of 18th century Europe, using d20 D&D rules. The campaign itself didn’t pan out, either, but the ideas behind it were pretty interesting, and I put a lot of work into it.

Now that my main campaign is getting near its halfway point and now that most of the planning has been finished on our temporary campaign, I’ve been thinking of combining elements of previous Rise games with other campaign ideas I have had brewing over the past year or so. This game will be a spin-off of the main Rise concept, only instead of playing as the deceased, players will play as living humans who have somehow become aware of the perils and conflicts ravaging their world, invisibly, in the world of the dead.

They must try and prevent the constant struggles for dominance of man’s fate from harming the innocent and help keep those lost souls who wander the earth from using their newfound powers to exact revenge on those in their lives. They must use a combination of supernatural talent, investigation, and careful negotiation to navigate through their challenges, taking on angry spirits, avenging angels, grim executioners of natural law, and perhaps even the Devil himself, all while preventing the dread knowledge- the truth of life after death- from becoming known to the public at large.

Over the next few months, I’ll be posting development on custom rules, setting material, and background information, as well as possible pieces of short fiction set in the Rise world.

I would ask that you please consider this campaign site to be a work in progress while you browse, as it will most likely take several months to work out all the details, and retype up old material. Additionally, the campaign itself may not start for another three to six months, depending on time allowed and the progress of pre-existing campaigns.



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